Dr. Debra D. Winans

Debra D. Winans is CEO of Linking Solutions, a Marketplace Network Company. Debra is the author of Life Altered, Not Over… My Silent Journey to Wholeness, which deals with the recovery process of divorce; that the purpose of God for our lives does not change like our circumstances. Debra’s undying motto is:

“I was not married into a purpose; I was created with purpose!”
-Dr. Debra D. Winans

Debra’s passion is to see men and women walk in their divine purpose despite all the tragic circumstances in their lives, to be whole in every area of life and to live in a place of freedom, peace, and the pursuit of purpose. With more than two decades of experience helping to build leading organizations (both religious and secular), Debra has an uncanny ability to refine business operations and reconnect them to their original mission and goals, to drive the company’s production capacity and profitability. Ms. Winans brilliantly identifies the crucial areas that need to be reconstructed to revitalize the leadership and to promote vitality and growth in deprived areas.

Ms. Winans has earned numerous certificates for teaching, training, and counseling in Sexual Assault Advocacy Training. It is no wonder that she has become a highly sought motivational speaker and teacher, gracing colleges and conferences all over the country. Her pearls of wisdom, foresight and understanding are precious commodities that many are seeking.

Debra has earned a Bachelor of Science in (ORCO) Organization and Communications with a minor in Women and Gender Studies at Middle Tennessee State University. She has received an Honorary Doctorate in Philosophy from Trinity International University of Ambassadors College. Debra served on the President’s Commission for Women at Middle Tennessee State University.

Debra has two amazing children, Miya Destiny and Benjamin David, the loves of her life.