Life, Altered Not Over!

My Silent Journey to Wholeness

Nothing can inspire us more than a human story with which we can all relate; a story that encourages us to believe in our own dreams and to have faith in the promises of God who sometimes seems far away. Life Altered Not Over! addresses the reality of pain and provides essential tool for hurting individuals. People in any type of emotional, mental and spiritual pain are looking for “how-to-get-healed tools. This life changing book provides just that; how to be healed, be free, be whole and to live your best life! Order now to receive an autographed copy!

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Nothing can inspire us more than a human story with which we can all relate; a story that encourages us to believe in our own dreams and to have faith in the promises of a God who sometimes seems far away. Debra Winans, in this work Life, Altered Not Over! takes the courage to let us into the private rooms of her silent journey through many of life’s narrow passages, and brings us a reason for hope in our own altered lives. This book is destined to be a source of spiritual inspiration for all who explore the wisdom on each page.

Dr. Myles E. Munroe
Bahamas Faith Ministries
Nassau Bahamas

Debra deals with the reality of pain and provides an essential tool for hurting people. Having the privilege of traveling around the world and meeting thousands of people (many times in intimate settings), I have witnessed countless pain and struggles that cannot be alleviated because they do not have a “how-to- get-healed” tool. Debra has provided such a tool, this is a great read. Life, Altered Not Over! is a teaching manual and systematic healing tool.

Bishop Tudor Bismark
Jabula International Ministries
Harare Zimbabwe, Africa

I remember being asked whether or not anybody would read a book about my life story. My answer, probably not. Debra Winans, however, has compiled pages of life experiences that I believe will edify, encourage, and uplift the readers. Most authors that write novels of this nature usually come across bitter and resentful. This book is far from the usual man-bashing, vent-fest that wounded people have a tendency of flocking to. I truly believe those that have had 'life' happen to them can find healing, help, and restoration in these comforting passages. There is still life in you!

Jonathan Miller

I finished reading your book yesterday! I don’t know how to express what I felt reading it. You are an amazing communicator! I experienced the highs and lows as I read your story. You told “your” story cleanly, without blame, but clearly! I loved the way you gave us, the reader, to opportunity to immediately reflect on our own situation with the journaling opportunities at the end of each chapter. You didn’t just us your pain, you brought us into your resolutions, lessons learned, and victories won. I hope another book is in your plan. Thank you for sharing your life with us.

Pam Green


I just happen to stumble across Debra’s interview on The Lexi Show. I could relate to her testimony. At the time, I was healing from a divorce. When Debra mentioned that she wrote a book, I knew that I wanted to read it. I looked her up on Facebook and messaged her. She said that the books were out of print at this time, but she had one copy left and she would send it to me and she did! What a woman of God! I was pleased to hear she has now reprinted the book! I pray that this book will bless you as much as it has blessed me.

LaVonda Hawkins


Transparency with power! That’s what this book brings to the table. It is not a book on victimhood, but a book that stirs the heart to find yourself as a victor through Christ! Debra has triumphed, and her experiences are loaded with principles and examples that can help anyone navigate the perils of life. You’ll enjoy this read. But more importantly, find yourself in the pages and become the God version of yourself, not what life and others dictate.

Steffron James


I have my book and ohhhh what a blessing! I thank you for writing this book and sharing with us your story. I now feel like I’m not alone.

Raine Rose


I really enjoyed reading the book. It is an easy read. It causes you to self-evaluate. I love how it breaks down the steps you need to go through to forgive. How to forgive the other person but more importantly yourself. I had to go back and search myself for any residual anger and free myself from it. This book is liberating to say the least.

Inez Sims


Your book has brought out so much of what I went through with my marriage. Through this whole process, I learned how to love me again. I lost myself in the marriage. I was trying to please him but in reality, I am the one that was losing. Thank you for opening my eyes to see the truth about myself and my purpose.

Melanie Newsom

Debra, I know its late for my review but bababyyyy let me tell you, my sister!! Your testimony blessed my soul!! Its very rare that people bare their hurts, pain and souls to the world. I commend you for your transparency, your honesty, and your commitment to see others healed and SET FREE! Your book has helped me realize even the more who I am in Christ. I knew I was loved by God, but your writing gave me a deeper understanding of how much I, loved! Thank you, a million times, over for walking in and speaking TRUTH! I pray God’s riches blessings over you my dear friend/sister. By the way, I am evaluating my friendship circle!

Paula Johnson


Debra Winans will absolutely WOW you with her transparency in her book, Life Altered Not Over! She intrinsically describes her silent journey to wholeness, while inspiring you to also take your own personal journey to wholeness. I personally felt empowered after reading this book to shut down the chatterbox of negative thought that kept me from moving in and toward my purpose and establish techniques to overcome that daily chatterbox of negativity with positivity. I want to encourage you, that if you are looking to move forward in your God given Purpose; if you want to move pass insecurities, pass hurt, failures, mistakes, setbacks, or letdowns and discover a life of wholeness and purpose, then this is the book for you. SO ENJOY!

Barbara Scales
Chief Compliance and Diversity Office
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

Life Altered Not Over is an incredible read! One thing we all can agree to is – Life Happens. No matter what you are experiencing or have experienced in life, this book gives you the strength to persevere. Debra encourages you though the Word of God to know you are resilient and He will never leave you nor forsake you. God’s plan is still a yes in your life and she gives you the tools to pursue that yes! I love this book! Go get it!

Rolanda Holman
Living on Purpose
Murfreesboro, Tennessee

WOW! The book is very deep and emotional; very transparent and real. This book is an encouraging inspirational learning tool. I’m preparing to read it a second time because when it’s that good, you have to go back and read what you missed, just like a movie!

Mark Whitesett Sr.

Detroit, Michigan